Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Inspired Tablescape

We are having some friends over for dinner this weekend.  
With our family of 6 and their family of 7, we are going to need a few tables and lots of food. 
For fun, I am dressing up the adults only table in a winter theme.
I gathered a few things to put the table together.
Just a few things

This little shot glass is going in my centerpiece. 

My favorite are the napkins my mom made for me on that beautiful stack of linens.
Actually, she made the entire stack of linens.
I save so much money by buying beautiful fabric and sewing napkins, runners and tablecloths.  

I am using some frosted brandy snifter candle holders and there are a few clear ones tucked in the back.

I made pickles this summer and the recipe called for pickling salt so I sent hubby to the store for pickling salt.  He came home with the biggest container of pickling salt I have ever seen in my life.  Since I am never going to use it up before it goes flat, I am re-purposing it as snow.  :-)

The silver oval is going to be part of the centerpiece.  
I love this...I don't even know what it is technically, but I got it for $2.50 at a garage sale this summer.  
{What a steal!}

Okay, let's put this table together.  I am using a plain white table cloth.   Notice something wrong with it?  It's really wrinkled.  That is because when I went to iron it, my iron did not heat up.  :-(  I'm going to miss that iron.  Do you know how many times my boys have come to me at the last minute telling me that they need their shirt ironed?

Back to the tablescape.  
Add a wrinkled runner to your table.  
I am going to cover it up anyway.  

I know this looks kind of weird.  
In my head it's going to look really great.  
We'll see what happens.

The layer of plates start with these beautiful silver chargers. 

That spark of silver in the plate stack is so pretty. 

Next on is the silverware...


and glasses. 

Now for the fun of the centerpiece.  
I never start adding the centerpiece until all the necessities are on the table.  
I never want the table to be over crowded.

I added lots of snow...pickling salt...to the silver oval.
The candles match the colors on the table and I painted them with Modge Podge and rolled them in more pickling salt.  
I think I love pickling salt.

The table is starting to come together, but we need some height.

I stuck some birch branches in a shot glass and used more pickling salt to hold the branches in place.

I love the way the branches look like a bare tree in the middle of winter.

The frosted candle holders get nestled together in odd numbers with tiny little tea lights ready to be lit.

The clear candle holders got dressed up with some pickling salt and a tea light.
They are resting on these great big silver snowflakes.

These napkins and snowflake napkin rings are my favorite part of the table.
The napkin rings were a gift and I love pulling them out whenever I can.

For a bit of fun, I dressed up the buffet table with some snowflakes and candles.

Now all we need is food.
And some friends.
And some laughter.

I am linking up to Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch.


  1. That looks so pretty-I am sure the guests were impressed!


  2. I love those colors of blue! The pickling salt is a great idea for snow. Very pretty tablescape - especially when the background out the window has lots of snow to match.

  3. One word...beautiful. Beautiful colors, beautiful dishes & glasses, beautiful napkins and rings. I love it! Great idea with pickling salt too! I have a huge box that's been in the cabinet for two years, now I have some ideas of what to do with it. Feel free to stop by my blog for my Launch Giveaway, it ends tonight. http://fabulously-homemade.com/

  4. Aqua is one of my favorite colors for tablescaping...your table is beautiful, Heather. Gorgeous napins! I love your centerpiece, simple, but perfect for the table...

  5. I love those colors for winter!..The table is wonderful...I just love the snowy scene from your window!

  6. Heather, your winter table is so beautiful! I love the aqua color. The silver charger is gorgeous! Great idea to use the pickling salt!