Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deck the Halls

I love decorating for Christmas. Every year I try to add something new to our Christmas decoration collection. This year I found an awesome garland for the living room which I usually try to decorate with a whimsical theme for the kids. This is a do it yourself type of project and I am really digging it. I found these things at one of my favorite craft and home decor stores in my area.

I am not exactly sure what these things are called, but it is a nine foot wire that has two little wired sprigs of evergreen every six inches. Open the wired evergreen so that it forms a V.

Pinch and gather the mesh about one foot from the edge. Put the gathered mesh in between the two evergreen sprigs and twist them together to secure the gathered mesh.

Then repeat the same process over and over again. Gather the mesh about one foot from the gather and secure it between the two wired sprigs. Without any effort on my part, it is naturally loopy and beautiful. This mesh is idiot proof which is why I love it so much. I feel like a genius for putting this together!

After the mesh is on the frame, I started adding a few embellishments. I think it is beautiful as is, but I wanted to play around and see what else I could do with it. So I wired a few plastic ornaments to add onto my...garland? ...mesh sculpture? ...thing-a-ma-bob? I think this thing needs a name. Anyway, I took a twelve inch piece of floral wire (Found in any craft store that also sells silk flowers or floral supplies.) and threaded it through the hook of a PLASTIC silver ball. I would recommend plastic if this is going to be hung over head. That way if one falls off the garland, you will be safe.

Pinch the wire at the joint to bring the wires closer together.

Hold the wire as close to the ornament loop as possible and twist the ornament with the other hand. This will create a twist in the wire as close to the ornament as possible.

Then find the perfect spot for a little splash of sparkling silver and wire the ornament to the garland. You can use several balls together or use them all by themselves.

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