Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Snowing!

We love snow. We were almost starting to feel sorry for ourselves because OUR snow seemed to take a wrong turn somewhere and head south. We were so happy to wake up to some fresh snow this morning. We shoveled the driveway, warmed up with some yummy pumpkin oatmeal and off we went.

I was feeling super inspired by the beautiful snow. So as soon as the kids had been delivered to school, I headed down to the basement to dig out a few of my favorite winter items. Our bench had been decorated for Christmas and last weekend I had brought all the Christmas items in. I left the evergreen, grapevines and the string of lights on the bench. Today I tucked an old pair of ice skates between the greens and the back of the bench.

I added some silver jingle bells to the side of the bench. I love jingle bells. They always make me think of a horse drawn sleigh ride Joel and I had years ago. It is such a fun memory for me.

I also added some 3D plastic light up snowflakes for fun. The kids love these.

And this is what I wound up with. I am so happy with my snow inspired bench.

Here is my favorite item of all. I love this sled. Isn't it a fun piece?

Bear with me for a minute. Do you see this birdhouse? In the summer it lives on my patio with a cute little fern growing inside. When we started decorating for fall, I used some of the grapevine we had trimmed up and an urn that I had emptied.

Then I swapped the pumpkin for some glittered balls from the dollar store. My daughter and her friend tucked some white pine sprigs and some Douglas fir sprigs into the grapevine to create a greener look.

Then I gave it another thirty-second make-over for winter.

I added three more 3D snowflakes tucked into the birdcage.

I am keeping my eye out for an old pair of skis to prop up here. Wouldn't that be great?

And finally, our beautiful willow tree all dressed up for winter.

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  1. So beautiful!!! I love all your photos too! I am your newest follower. Saw you on CSI project!
    Bonnie :)

  2. Great photos Heather! Love the ice crystals and the tree at the end!

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