Thursday, April 7, 2011

Unpacking and Repacking

We are back from our awesome vacation. We had a great time and we have come home restored and ready to get back to our usual schedule.

We take as many getaways as we possibly can afford. We work really hard and the concentrated family time, relaxation of a weekend away as well as the lifetime of memories we create make a getaway really important for all of us. I will have to admit that sometimes cramming a getaway into a busy schedule can be a bit tricky. A getaway requires researching, planning and packing before you can even leave the driveway.

I quickly discovered that sometimes a rough packing process can start the weekend off on a bad note. I will never forget the time that my husband and kids were so excited to be off for the weekend that they were all sitting in the van ready to go while there was still luggage sitting in the house and the dog had not been walked or delivered to the neighbors house. I was ready to scream.

Now, this may sound silly, but I start packing for our next getaway or vacation as soon as we get home. I repack our toiletries bag so at a moments notice I can grab it and go. I make sure the bag is stocked with all the necessities we would need.

I also clean out the tooth brush holders as soon as we get home.  I clean out the holders with a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water and a bottle brush.  I let the containers soak for a bit to kill any germs.  Than I just clean them out with the bottle brush.  It is easy and simple.

I let the holders air dry on a paper towel. 

Meanwhile a hydrogen peroxide soak for the toothbrushes is a good way to make sure your toothbrush is clean and ready to go for your next trip.  I once read that your toothbrush is the dirtiest thing in your bathroom so I clean our toothbrushes about once a week this way.

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