Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Rustic Thanksgiving Tablescape

I love Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for and a whole day devoted to spending time with my family and focusing on being thankful is just my idea of a perfect day.

So, let's set the table.  I am aiming for a rustic look.  Let's see what we get.  I gathered up a few supplies. 

Miss Morgan is not as impressed with Thanksgiving as I am.  She really could care less if I can get to the table or not.  She is not sleeping, she is ignoring me.  She does not want to move. 

I am starting with the place settings. 

I found a great bronze charger.  Then I layered our everyday white dishes with a splash of color.  I love the burnt orange plate in the middle of the stack. 

Tiny little wine glasses are a more rustic look than larger ones. 

Everyday silverware

Now for the napkins.  Aren't these napkin rings sweet?  An acorn and an oak leaf are perfect together.  I made them and I'll show you how on Monday.

Onto the centerpiece layers.  I am starting with a burlap runner. 

Right in the middle I added a glass pumpkin.  The pumpkin is sporting a pile of dry red lentils.  Red lentils are actually orange and they look great in this pumpkin bowl.   

Next on are a few more vases filled up with dry pantry items like flax seeds, popcorn, rice and black lentils in the votive holders. 

Always use unscented candles on your table.  Do you know how hard it is to find unscented candles in colors other than white or cream?  I found these at Wal Mart.  I was so excited.  They had other colors as well.  I snatched up the mocha color for my Thanksgiving table. 

I pushed the votive candles down into the dry goods and I had the perfect candle holders. 

I hate to admit that I lost a few pictures.  I'll just have to tell you what I did to finish setting this table.  I added two tapers to the table in short dark green candle holders.  I also added a few leaves to the burlap runner as well as some pine cones for some texture and a pop of dark brown color.  Then I lit the candles.  Whew!

Did you notice that I am using three colors of plates in fall colors?

Post Schedule for Next Week:
Monday - Acorn and Oak Leaf Napkin Rings
Tuesday - Cranberry and Orange Sauce
Wednesday - Baked (Make Ahead) Mashed Potatoes

I am joining Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday.


  1. Very cool design. At first I didn't like the lentil filled pumpkin, but when you carried the theme to corn in the candle holders et. al, it totally came together and looked terrific. I also really like the pumpkin colored salad plates and the wood table, sans tablecloth. You have a great style sense. Thanks for posting. Happy Thanksgiving. ~CJ

  2. I love how you used so many natural elements on your table. I really need to get a burlap table runner. Those pumpkin colored plates and the bronze chargers are perfect for Thanksgiving.Cute napkin rings, too!

  3. Very cute tablescape. I really enjoy how you take us through each step. Makes a very interesting read. Great job! kb

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your kind words. I have been doing tablescapes for a long time, but have let fear and lack of self confidence keep me from actually posting them to my blog...silly me! I absolutely LOVE your tablescape, it is right up my alley!! You are so creative, and I think I will have to flatter you with copying you!

  5. Very the organic candle holders.

  6. Love it! I'm also using a burlap runner. I have mason jars for candles but couldn't decide what to fill them with. I'm stealing your dry lentils idea! Very creative!

  7. Love your beautiful table. Just read your about me page and you have such a beautiful family. I've enjoyed my first visit and am now your newest follower.

  8. the burnt orange plates!!!!! I am a sucker for orange, and these plates are really pretty!!! COOL idea with the procession of lentils and grains! That really brings the word "bountiful" into play in a whole new and literal way!!! Very nice!

  9. My second time to see center pieces who use beans, rice and candle and it does look very pretty! I have a dilemma of what I am going to put on my table at church for our Women Advent Tea. Looking at your table it is pretty unique I have not seen anyone done this at church. Thanks for the inspiration! By the way I am following you. ^_^ Happy Thanksgiving day!