Thursday, December 1, 2011

Visions of Sugar Plums Danced In My Head

I have a cherished nutcracker collection.  I though it would be fun to decorate the library based on ETA Hoffman's Nutcracker.  I started with a generic list of items or themes from the story.  It was a short list.  Sugar Plum fairies, Clara, Drosslmier - the clock maker, tin soliders, nutcrackers and of course a prince and princess.  Great list, but not exactly something that easily translates into a decorated Christmas tree.

I decided that a sugar plum fairy would be a great project, but I don't have time to make her right now.  I cut it down to making sugar plums, which I thought I could handle.   

So, I have never had a sugar plum.  I have never even seen a sugar plum in real life. I did a search on sugar plums and decided I could recreate a pretty good imitation with a Styrofoam ball, a couple coats of brown acrylic paint and a few spritzes of spray glitter.  I also cut up some shrink wrap to wrap the sugarplums in. 

Start with a Glue Dot on the sugar plum.  The glue dot is going to hold the shrink wrap in place.  Shrink wrap is slippery.

Attach the glue dot to the center of one side of the shrink wrap. 

Roll the 'sugar plum' up in the shrink wrap.  And add another glue dot to keep the shrink wrap in place. 


I used a couple of pieces of ribbon to tie the end shut. 

Tie the other end and trim the excess shrink wrap.  I am so pleased with the way this turned out.  This will be perfect on my Nutcracker Christmas tree.  Stay tuned to see how that turns out.  If anyone that has seen or eaten a real sugar plum happens upon this would you please let me know how this compares to a real sugar plum?  I really want to know, so you can be honest.    


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