Saturday, February 25, 2012

Go Outside and Play - A Bonfire and Hot Chocolate

Go Outside and Play!
Did you ever say that to your kids?
I do.
A lot. 
Sometimes it's how I keep my sanity.
Sometimes it's because it's a beautiful day.
Sometimes it's a great way to spend time together as a today.

We have lots of bonfires outside in the fall.
S'mores, hot dogs {or the little irons stuffed with lots of yummy things} and a bonfire makes any kid happy.
But we thought a hot bonfire on a cold winter would be fun too.

We covered stumps with blankets so we had a warm place to sit.

I made our two favorite flavors of hot chocolate.
We let the kids invite some friends to join us.
And added a few treats for an extra sugar buzz.

Chocolate covered pretzels are always a hit.

Puppy chow showed off in some fancy little jars.
{Although, I came up with the decorations, I got the puppy chow in jars idea from Pinterest.}

We had crushed mint candy or homemade snowflake marshmallows to add to the hot chocolate.

Marshmallows were a hit.

The hot chocolate is from a easy to whip up.

I used these cute little note cards as coasters.
I added everyone's initials with brown stickers so everyone could keep track of their mug.
It worked perfectly.

The kids managed to find a bit of snow here and there.

Every drop of hot chocolate disappeared.

We had so much fun.

I have to tell you...
My Kids Took Every Single Picture For This Post!
I am so proud of the great job they did.
I loved watching them work together.
I hope you get some time to go outside and play this winter.

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