Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sports Bag To Go

Grab and go is really important to me when I have three boys on three separate football teams. I am so busy running and trying to keep track of their busy schedules that convenience and easy becomes very important to me. This is my sport bag. I pack every on the go essential I can think of into a bag at the beginning of football season. Once the bag is ready to go, I just have to grab it before we head out to the games. My oldest son is on the varsity team and they always have the concession stands open for the varsity games as well as a first aid station. But for my younger sons on the the freshman team and the middle school teams, we are left on our own. All those Saturday morning Pop Warner games have taught me the hard way to come prepared.

First of all, be ready to be your own first aid station. I was given an instant ice pack so I throw it in the bag. I have anti histamine for bug bites and those of us that suffer from seasonal allergies. I also throw in a nasal decongestant to help relieve a little sinus pressure when I am sitting out in the fresh air breathing in all those allergens! A first aid kit has a few packets of Tylenol, band aids, and a few packets of Neosporin. The year my daughter fell off the bottom step of the bleacher and skinned her knees was the year my sports bag started including emergency first aid.

I swear the first words out my children's mouth when we get to a game is..."I'm hungry!"

The second thing out of their mouth is..."I'm bored!" I have found a deck of cards, a notebook, a few pencils and a little imagination can go a long way to distracting the kids.

I have also learned the wisdom of preparing to battle the weather. Sunscreen, bug spray, a rain poncho, extra sunglasses in case you forget to grab yours and the home team has you facing the sunset!!!, an umbrella and I think hand sanitizer was supposed to be with snacks.

Mommies need hydration inside and out. I can't say enough about that.

Once you have your bag ready to go for the season, all you have to grab is a water bottle and a few snack before each game. I love my sports bag and so do a few of the parents that sit by us. Having everything gathered up and in a bag just makes games days a little more organized and it's one less thing I have to worry about when I am prepared for anything.

Also this is a great place to put those buttons of your kids posing with the ball in their sport uniforms. Add a little ribbon and you can decorate away! I don't have any photo buttons, but I do have a couple of buttons with the kids team logo on it that I will add to the bag and the ribbon I added to the handle is just a touch of team spirit. Our school colors are black and red so I purposefully used a black bag and red ribbon. Go team!

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