Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Party Thank You Notes

I hope you are not getting sick of this theme yet! I promise this will be the last post that has anything to do with my daughter's birthday party. You'll have to throw your own party if you want to see more. And if you do, I would love to see your pictures!

I made Thank you notes for Alyssa to give to her friends after her party. I did not get pictures of the invitations or I would show you those too.

This is what I needed to make my cards.

The size of you card should be about an quarter of an inch smaller then the envelope. I am actually not using an envelope since she will just had each of her guests a card with a photo tucked inside. I am using a rectangular piece of brown card stock.

Fold your brown card in half. Now you will need a piece of white card stock that is one quarter inch smaller than the folded card. Let's just say my finished card was 4" X 6". My white insert should then measure 3.75 inches by 5.75 inches.

Tape the four corners of the white card stock.

Tape the white card stock to the inside of your folded card. I am using a light lining for the card so that my daughter can use a pencil to fill out her thank you notes.

Now we are going to work on the cover of the Thank You note.  I cut a small square of white card stock.  I am stamping the card stock on a piece of foam.  The foam helps make the stamped image come out clean and even.  Try it and see what you think of this technique.  


Add a few little flower stamps here and there to fill up the card stock square.  I also like to add a little extra color by running the edges of the card stock over the ink pad.  

Now attach the stamped art to the cover of the card.  I also added a few flower embellishments to the cover.  

Finally, a big ribbon finishes the whole thing off.   

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