Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Be Our Guest

Because we live in an area that usually gets a lot of snow in the winter, our family and friends usually choose spring, summer, and fall to come visit us which is fine with us. We love having visitors especially when we can go outside and play. Since we were having such a mild winter, and hubby's parents from the south were having an extremely white winter, they decided to come for a visit in February.

The kids and I went to work putting the guest room together. Our library doubles as a guest room. So we had to get the library turned into the guest room and plan a super week of food, fun and making their room as comfortable as possible.

The kids brought the beds up from the basement and helped me make the beds.

We have these little niches that are really quite useful. It is a great spot to tuck a few essentials as well as a few decorative items to display. I found this white bath set awhile ago and I love putting it out when we have guests. I have lotion in the pump canister, cotton balls in the short canister and the last one is a toothbrush holder.

Recognize these little snowflake luminaries? I love these guys. I went shopping around the house to find pieces to decorate the guest room for winter. Our guest room is usually a library or music room...but that is a post for another day.

I try to keep the room as empty as possible so the guests have room for suitcases and bags. This chest is a great spot to store extra blankets and pillows, it works as bench or it's a great spot to put your suitcase.

Even though this is our library, I still like to leave a few magazines for guests to thumb through.

I also like to put a little info together for any visitors. Here I have the weeks menu typed out as well as a local map with a few places highlighted. Sometimes I add a schedule or little pamphlets from local points of interests if it is the visitors first time in our area.

A vase of flowers on the night stand is always a nice touch when I can pull it off. Also the little box on the night stand is a mini medicine chest.

I love the sample section at Target. I am always grabbing things to toss in the box or the box I keep in the guest bath. In this box, I have a few Tylenol packets, tissues, tweezers, a safety pin, band aids, sunscreen, Q tips, and antibiotic cream for a cut. It always varies as to what you will find in my guest box, but my biggest tip is to check expiration dates before every guest comes to stay.

And this is why our guest room usually functions as a library. We are a book loving family and before we have guests come, we all go in and grab an armful of books to keep us happy while we loan the room out.

Finally a few empty drawers go a long way to making a guest feel like they are not living out of a suitcase for the duration.

Hope you enjoyed the guest room tour.

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