Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 Goals

Look at what I did. I took a huge mess of papers, computer discs, CD's, DVD's, receipts, catalogs, office supplies and turned the chaos into this beautiful display of order and organization. I am so proud of myself. I wish I had taken a before picture so you could see what an awesome job I did.

Okay, I might be more impressed with my project than I should be, but I have been inspired. It also made me think about a few other things...

Fact: I am a busy Mom of four kids, homeschooling one of them, keeping house, cooking for three teenage boys and a hubby as well as blogging and a few other things. :-)

Fact: Some things slide.

Fact: I have a few messes that I need to clean up.

Fact: I want them cleaned up, I just don't want to be the cleaner upper.

Fact: No one is going to do it for me. :-(

Now that we have established a few things, let me show you what I am talking about. Behind door number one...

We have a terrible waste of space here. Yoga mats and three of hubby's coats do not need their own closet. I would like to store extra dishes, napkins, serving dishes, and glasses. I need some storage for things that I use, but not on a daily basis.

I think that his coats can get relocated to his clothing closet. The extra drapes can find a new home too.

Behind door is two is...okay we can't even get to door two. We have a few totes of bed linens that do not have a home. There is also a big box of clothing waiting to be sorted and sent off to a donation center.

Behind the door is actually another waste of space. The clothes on the floor are too big for my daughter yet. The assorted odds and ends do not need a closet of their own. What a mess.

And this is my beloved ribbon. I love ribbon. I have a passion for ribbon. Ribbon makes everything better. The problem is right now it is such a mess that I just don't use it. I either go buy a new spool every time I need ribbon or I do without. I need to organize this. I would like to be able to:
  • see the ribbon
  • get to it
  • add more ribbon spools as needed
  • store the ribbon in a condensed manner that is user friendly.

While I am very fortunate to have lots of closet space, I do not have lots of wall space. So anything that I come up with cannot be wall mounted. I think I have established that totes are not working out too well. Any ideas?

Stay tuned for the solutions.


  1. QUickly because some just woke up from her nap... What about a wooden drying rack or a set of crib rails with one end cut off for the ribbon? Thread the spools on and despense from there. If I am just confusing you, call me and I will explain.

  2. Hi Nicole, I like your idea. The biggest problem is that the ribbon spools have such small openings that I don't know if it would fit on a crib rail...but your drying rack idea. That is worth some thought. Thanks for the idea. :-)