Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting Ready for the Super Bowl

We are getting so excited for the Super Bowl this year. (We do every year actually.) We love the Super Bowl no matter who is playing for the NFC and the AFC. We love the commercials and the half time show, we love planning a fun menu and enjoying the rare treat of eating in front of the television, we love the hype of the big game and we love the game itself.

Our usual Super Bowl party is a mini celebration of both teams. However, this year our kids have caught Packer Fever. It is a new law here in Wisconsin. Just kidding. But everyone is so excited it is hard not to get caught up in the pride the locals have for their beloved team. So, at the kids' request we are breaking tradition and having a Packer party this year.

Now, we have not lived in Wisconsin for all that long so we do not have a huge collection of Packer 'stuff.' I went shopping for a few fun things and came home with a package of napkins and two spools of ribbon which my husband was quick to point out were not exactly the ideal items for a FOOTBALL party. I did not want to spend a fortune on stuff that I may never use again. So making our Super Bowl Party super was going to require thinking outside of the box. This is what I came up with using my napkins, ribbons and a few other things and I am pretty happy with the results.

My son found an old football garland that I had picked up ages ago for a quarter. I strung it between the two arches in our family room. I added some green and gold ribbon to it, but it was in need of more. I spread some pom poms out by the TV that we had gotten from a Packer game. I liked the splash of...I don't even know what color they are. Anyway, we were getting there, but we still needed something more.

I gathered up a few of the napkins I had purchased, some thin white cardboard, a bit of decoupage glue that I had left over from another project, scissors, a home made football template and a foam brush.

I cut a football shape piece of napkin using the template to guide me. I also cut the word Packers from the front panel of the napkin.

Then I spread a thin layer of glue on the cardboard and placed the napkin on top of the glue. Give the napkin another coat of glue.

Then I added the green Packer cut out to the football.

I gave the new addition a top coat of glue as well.

After that, I just kept cutting the napkins apart and gluing them down.

The dried product is rather rustic. I was very happy with how they had turned out. I was happy with the way they turned out. I did not want them to be too perfect.

I cut the cardboard out leaving a small border area around each shape. Then I simply used a hole puncher to make holes so I could hang them up.

Before I could even hang everything up on the garland, the cardboard started curling up. I taped a few bamboo skewers to the back of each piece and it worked like a charm. I also un-bent (official crafting term) a handful of paper clips to be my hangers.

Ta da! I also printed a few Packer helmets as well. I found a free download on the computer for them. I glued them to the card board so they would not curl up.

While the festive decorating is mostly done now, the food pictures will have to wait until after the Super Bowl. I'll post some pics on Monday morning. But I can share our menu with you and some of the inspiration for our Super Bowl spread.

A pack of Packer peppers. Just kidding.

I bought Packer tortilla chips. Not really, but they really look like they should be.

I just can't wait to spend Super Bowl Sunday at home laughing, watching, munching and cheering with my family. I hope your Super Bowl is just as super!

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