Monday, July 18, 2011

Breakfast Parfaits

I have three teenage boys and a little girl {12 is not so little anymore, but she is little to me!} with a high metabolism that are eating me out of house and home! Their ideal breakfast is four batches of baked oatmeal. {Four batches is 6 cups of oatmeal!!!} Are you kidding me?  Anyway, this is a cool breakfast for a hot a summer morning. {And it cures hunger which is sometimes hard to do with those kids.} This is such an easy {non-recipe} breakfast to make.  Plus it is healthy and great for a crowd!

The board of ingredients is pretty simple to gather up. I usually buy vanilla flavored yogurt, but they were out this time. You can make things even more simple by getting two different flavors of yogurt instead of mixing in your own flavors like I am going to.  Peaches, cherries, any berry you can think of, plums, or apricots also work really well in these parfaits. I just happen to be using bananas and the raspberries that the kids picked yesterday. I am going to flavor the yogurt with Willow Cottage Raspberry Sauce. Any granola you like will be great to use here.

Start by dividing the yogurt in half.  There is about two cups in this bowl. 

I am using about a quarter of a cup of the raspberry sauce and a few fresh raspberries to flavor the yogurt.    {I also added a bit of sugar since I was not starting with vanilla flavored yogurt.}

To make my plain yogurt into vanilla I am just mixing in a few drops of vanilla and some sugar. 

I am using a wide short glass for the parfait.  I love the morning sun shining in on the cutting board. 

You can layer this up any way you would would like to.  I am starting with a few spoons of raspberry yogurt.

Sliced bananas...


Vanilla yogurt....


And finally some more granola, a spoon and a sprig of mint {to make it pretty} finishes it off.



  1. Oh those parfaits look so yummy. I am a new follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Oh I am making those parfaits for breakfast one day this week. Thanks for stopping by my blog.