Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where Did I Put That Recipe?

Do you dread looking through your recipe box for a recipe?  I do.  Since my kids have gotten their hands on my recipe box, I can never find a thing.  When I was looking for a sugar cookie recipe I found my roast beef recipe in the cookie section.  When I was looking for a salade recipe I found the lost recipe for sloppy joes.  See my problem?

Anyway, I seem to be especially adverse to the recipe box first thing in the morning.   If the coffee has not kicked in, and the recipe is not already out for me, then it becomes a cereal morning.  I had to come up with a way to keep those recipes handy without cluttering my counters with recipes that were sitting out all the time.

It really was a simple fix.  I typed out the four recipes I use most often.  I grabbed a page protector and my all time favorite paint tape. 

I slipped the recipes into the page protector.  Now I have a surface I can easily wipe off it it gets smudged or dirty.

Then I used the painting tape to attach the recipes to the inside of my cabinet.  All I have to do is open the door to have the recipes I need at my finger tips.  The painters tape will not damage the cabinets.  I also keep a few pieces at the bottom of the cabinet to tape recipes to the cabinet when I am cooking so the recipe is at eye level and out of my way.  :-) 

Filling up three teenage boys that wake up STARVING every morning can be a daunting task day after day.  This is my way of making a big breakfast (or any meal) one step easier. 

This is an example of using the extra pieces of tape. It keeps the recipe at eye level and out of the mess I have going on the counter.  After I am finished the tape peels easily off the paper and goes back in the cabinet for the next time I need it. 

I am linking up to the CSI Project Organizational Ideas Challenge and Tutorials, Tips and Tidbits at StoneGable.

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