Monday, June 27, 2011

Patriotic Flower Pots

Today we are putting some red, white and blue planters together for our 4th of July celebration.  I picked up a variety of flowers from the local nursery.  I am also using a red and a blue sand pail as planters.   

You will also need some pebbles for the bottom of the planters.

The sand pails will need drainage holes.  The best way to get add drainage holes is with a drill fitted with a large drill bit. 

These are the beach buckets I found.  They are only going to be strong enough to last for one season, but that is okay since they were only $1.00 each. 

Start by gently drilling the drainage holes.  Let the drill rest on the bucket, but to not push down on the bucket.  You do not want to crack the thin plastic.  The key here is to drill gently as possible. 

You will want about six holes for a planter this size. 

Next, we need a double layer of pebbles.  You must not skip this step.  When you water the flowers, the water will wash away the dirt if you do not have a layer of pebbles to stop the erosion.

Fill the bucket about 3/4 of the way up with a potting mix.  I made my own potting mix but you can buy it as well.

To remove the little flowers from the pots, use your thumbs to push the bottom up. 

Then grab the flower by stem and gently pull it out of the carton.  You do not want to snap the flower stem so work gently. 

This is a root bound plant.  It is good that the plant has such a healthy root system, but bad that they are all growing around the  outside of the dirt from the container it was growing in.  Use your thumbs and break apart the roots.  You want to work down the middle pulling the roots apart.  Then turn the plant one quarter turn and do the same thing. 

This looks much better.  Now the roots can grow outward and you will have a much healthier plant. 

Flip that plant over and rest on the top of the potting soil.  Move onto the next plant.

When you have your plants in place gently pat them down. 

Next, fill in the gaps with more potting soil.

A riot of red white and blue with hints of green and a pop of yellow is my favorite planter combination this year. 

I tucked the shovels into the white planter for an extra pop of color.

The blue planter has red wave petunias and a very prolific white flower that I just love. 

The red planter has a some yellow lantana, white diamond dust, and a sun friendly version of lobelia. 

Finally the last planter has dusty miller which is the white-ish stalk in the middle, asparagus fern which is my favorite pot filler of all time, more red wave petunias and a different sun friendly lobelia.

The perfect little grouping of flower pots to welcome guests for the holiday.

The window box has more of the same flowers in it. 

Finally the back door gets a few more of the same flowers. 

I think our flowers are all ready for Independence Day. 


  1. Very cute ideas. I love to use flowers to decorate for the season!

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