Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pour les Poulet...Part 1

Translation: For the Chickens

The week before Easter, we brought home this little box.

The box was filled with the sweetest little balls of fluff.  Aren't they precious?  The chicks are not yellow because they are not going to grow up to be white chickens.  These girls are all Rhode Island Reds. 

We made a little home for them with a nice warm heart lamp.  They ate, slept and played...but mostly they ate.  You can see the tips of their wings have tiny little feathers on them now.

They grew so quickly.  It took us awhile to name them, but we finally did it.  We have Olive, Chloe, Nicole, Katie, Jill, Sophie, and Belle. 

Pretty soon they were in an awkward stage where they were so ugly they were cute.  The chicks were so curious about everything and so fun to play with.   

Part of me wanted them to stay little tiny chicks for ever and ever, but another part of me could not wait to see what they would look like and do next. 

They finally had enough feathers to move outside, so we started building their chicken coop.  This is Sophie.  She inspected our work for us to make sure it would be a nice place for her to live in.  She approved with a few requests.  She wanted walls. 

Then she wanted a roof! 

We just LOVE our chickens! 

We have been working like crazy to make the prefect home for our tiny little flock.  I can't wait to show you the finished coop and yard.  For now, I'll just share some construction photos with you.   

Grandpa designed the coop for us.  I told him what I wanted and he made it happen.  Not only did he do a great job with the building, but he taught the boys new skills and involved them in the entire process.  I love this picture of Grandpa holding the wood for my son to screw down.  This picture will always be special to me. 

I also love how much team work is going into the chicken coop.  It's the best family project we have worked on in a long while. 

Stay tuned for pictures of the adorable little chicken house we built.

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  1. I LOVE THIS! The chicks are so cute (well except maybe for that 'awkward' stage:@) and it's so great that everyone's getting involved! I can't wait to see the coop and hear about your adventures! I'm sure you're looking forward to fresh eggs too-enjoy!

  2. This is wonderful! How fun to raise chickens, there has really been a resurgence of people raising chickens.
    Your little chicks were adorable! They will be so beautiful all grown up, won't they. Rhode Island Reds are very attractive birds.
    I look forward to seeing the coop and them in it! And their eggs will be so delicious and even more so because they came from your own hens!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. What a fabulous party goer you are! You brought the real things! What precious little chicks and they're growing up to be so pretty. I love their color! Thank you so much for coming to my party and bringing these lovely yard birds.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. The little chicks are so adorable! My niece raises chickens. One day on her way home from work, traffic on her road was stopped...her chickens were in the middle of the road. I would love to have seen her shoo those chickens back home!

  5. What a fun post you have put together. Those babies are precious.

  6. What precious little chicks. I always wish my puppies could stay puppies..except be potty trained!!

  7. I just loved this post...we have babies too! ;D