Thursday, June 16, 2011

Willow Cottage Mushrooms - Part 1

We are getting ready to celebrate Father's Day.  No matter what the special occasion my husband is celebrating, he always wants beef to be a part of that celebration.  This year we throwing a few rib eye's on the grill which is a BIG treat for all of us.  Next to the steak will be a hunk of grilled bread, a strawberry spinach salade and MUSHROOMS.  The sides are mostly negotiable, except for the mushrooms.  That man has got to have the mushrooms.

Luckily for me, mushrooms could not be easier to make.  This is not so much a recipe as it is a method of cooking.  The board of ingredients is a little bare, but that's okay. 

Toss the mushrooms into a bowl, where you have lots of mixing room. 

Add a drizzle of olive oil.

Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Then start tossing the mushrooms together so they can absorb the oil evenly.  Mushrooms are like a sponge, they will soak up the olive oil and take the salt and pepper flavor along for the ride.  It's really sort of amazing.  

Now, in a dry non stick pan over medium heat, add the mushrooms. 

Give them a stir every now and then and cook them until they are lovely. 

The pan should be dry.  If the mushrooms have released their juices and the pan has the liquid in the bottom, then the mushrooms are not cooked yet.  Keep cooking them.  You want a dry pan.

The mushrooms will be juicy, and so flavorful.  You will just love them.  I promise.  If you wanted to get fancy, you could add a few fresh thyme leaves in with the salt and pepper.  Or when the mushrooms were almost done cooking, you could add a splash of port wine, or balsamic vinegar.  All of the additives are great, but plain is good too. 


For the goat cheese spread on the bread click here.

I am joining Stone Gable for On The Menu Monday.



  2. You have a man pleasing menu there! I know what you mean about our guys and mushrooms! If I made these for my husband he would be such a happy camper!
    Thank you for participating in ON THE MENU MONDAY. You reminded us that planning a menu with someone in mind is a gift of love! ANd mushrooms are easy and very yummy!
    I hope to see you here next week for ON THE MENU!

  3. great tip on tossing them with oil first (: will try that next time! I do notice that you didn't crowd the pan and so the mshrooms are all nicely seared and caramelised! really yum looking!